Damages A Car Accident Lawyer Can Claim For

The cost to repair your vehicle isn’t the only bill you will be faced with after a car accident. Luckily, under personal injury law, you can claim more damages than just payment for property damage. A free case evaluation with an Atlanta car accident attorney can help you decide which damages apply to your car accident and what chance you have of a successful claim for compensation.

One important thing to remember is that the insurance company isn’t likely to consider these expenses when offering you a settlement. Because it is in the business of making profits, the company’s calculations may not take into account the actual bills you will be faced with after a car accident in Atlanta; an experienced car accident attorney will.

The immediate bills you will have to pay are medical expenses. According to the law, you have the right to compensation for medical costs that occurred immediately after the car accident, as well as in the future. Your doctor and your Atlanta car accident lawyer can help by coming up with a diagnosis together after evaluating the medical records and services you required in the immediate aftermath.

That’s why it’s important to make note of how you are feeling in the days after the car accident, to include even minor pain. Some physical injuries, such as a herniated disc or damage to muscle, will get worse with time. Injuries from a car accident can quickly become costly and may hurt your ability to earn a living. Though they can widely vary, the medical expenses you may be facing after a car accident in Atlanta include:

– Ambulance fees

– Emergency room visits

– Appointments with your physician

– Extended stays in the hospital

– Physical therapy or rehabilitation services

– Cognitive therapy in the event of brain or head trauma

– Disfigurement, which may require reconstructive surgery and can have negative psychological as well as physiological affects

– Medical accessories including casts, crutches, a wheelchair, stitches or prescription medication

– In-home services

– Permanent disability

Injuries as a result of a car accident can prevent you from working, whether it is for a few days, a few weeks or a lifetime. Your loss in earning potential is a real consequence after a car accident. That’s why another damage you can claim is:

– Loss in earnings or income: When a car accident injury requires treatment, you could lose many hours at your job when you have to go to a doctors’ appointment, to physical rehabilitation or to stay in the hospital for surgery. For some victims, their lifelong ability to earn a living will be hindered because of a car accident injury. An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney can help you determine the amount of wages or loss in earning potential you must deal with. Legally, you are entitled to this missing pay and missed career opportunities.

Another type of damage after a car accident is not physical, but emotional. A victim of a car accident has the legal right to compensation for mental anguish and trauma. According to the law, this type of claim for damages could be called:

– Pain and suffering: The emotional damage to an accident victim could include trauma, stress and anxiety. In addition, emotional distress may be a side effect of a physical injury. Legally, physical or mental distress can be grounds for a claim under the legal term of “pain and suffering.” These emotional injuries may require medical treatment as well, such as visits to a therapist or counseling. These are more common in severe accidents. Your Atlanta car accident lawyer and, later, a judge, can assess the types of injuries, the likelihood of future suffering and the seriousness of the accident when coming up with an estimate for this very real consequence.

– Loss of consortium: If your spouse was injured as a result of a car accident, you may lose out on the legal rights you are entitled to in marriage. This could include loss of consortium, if you have been deprived of the companionship of your married spouse as a result of a car accident. It could also be called loss of affection, if injuries prevent you or your spouse from enjoying the benefits of marriage.

-Wrongful  death:  This is the most serious of all claims and one of the most important recourses available to families who are robbed of a loved one after a deadly car crash. In some cases, the primary breadwinner was the victim, leaving behind loved ones who cannot support themselves in the same way. In other cases, the accident becomes fatal later after medical professionals attempt to unsuccessfully revive the victim for days or weeks. This scenario leaves behind a grieving family that is also faced with the costs of medical treatments required before their loved one passed away. If your loved one was killed in a car accident, you need a qualified Atlanta car accident attorney by your side.