An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney knows how to fight for you after an accident, but you can play a part in making sure your claim has the best possible chance of success. You can count on a car accident attorney to notify you of the compensation you can claim. However, the best way to make sure you get what you are owed is to keep track of key information and documents yourself.

Here is what you should bring to a consultation with an Atlanta car accident attorney in order to support your claim:

– Tickets issued after the accident:  Let your attorney know if you were found in violation of a traffic rule or were given a citation after a car accident in Atlanta, and bring copies.

– Medical payments: From emergency room visits to appointments with your personal physician, keep track of any medical expense you had to pay for in the aftermath of a car accident in Atlanta. This can include billing for consultations, cost of prescription medications, cost of accessories such as casts, bandages or crutches, or visits to a therapist for treatment of emotional pain. These records are important for several reasons. For starters, they can give a picture of your likely future costs. Any medical attention that was required after an accident can be used to evaluate what your needs will be in the long term. Secondly, any notes about your condition or your symptoms recorded by your doctor can also help evaluate your total costs after you were injured in a car accident. If you don’t have this information, provide your car accident attorney with the name and contact information of your medical provider, and s/he can request them as long as you grant permission.




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